Streamlined Growing Through Automation

Our robust IoT systems precisely gather farms’ and plants’ data, empowering data-backed decisions across various tasks.

Integrating an IoT mechanism into our farming infrastructure helps us automate tasks, enhance efficiency; with the added benefit of remote farm operations.

Essential Farm and Plant Data Converged at a Centralized Hub

The dashboard plays a crucial role in our farming operations by offering remote control capabilities and serving as a centralized repository for essential farm and plant data, fulfilling three main purposes:


Facilitating data-driven
device operations


Analysing farm operations
for optimization


Data Interpretation
and Visualisation

All-in-One App for Maximizing Farm Productivity

This super-app is engineered to enhance operational efficiency and streamline intricate IoT operations. With its range of customized modules for various departments, its core mission is to create a unified platform that simplifies tasks and fosters seamless collaboration.


Enhancing Farm Control With Proprietary IoT Devices

Explore our devices that measure plant key growth factors and efficiently relay the data for comprehensive analysis. With the resulting insights, we make robust decisions and create ideal farm conditions, enabling us to cultivate the finest vegetables, despite seasonal fluctuations.

Ambient Sensor

These sensors measure temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels within the farm to fine-tune the ambient conditions for optimized plant growth.

5 Probe Temperature Sensor

Capable of simultaneously measuring temperatures at 5 different points, this sensor empowers comparative analysis at farm for making informed decisions.

Water Level Sensor

These sensors intelligently measure water level of irrigation tank at regular intervals to eliminate the chances of overflow, contributing to save over 90% of nutrient-rich water.

Water EC & pH Sensor

These sensors gather precise data on the EC and pH values of the nutrient-rich water, enabling us to maintain optimal levels for enhanced nutrient absorption in plants.

Lux Sensor

The lux sensor accurately measures sunlight intensity to detect light imbalances in the farm.


Controllers efficiently operate farm devices, like exhausts, irrigation motors, circulation fans, and cooling pads, to collectively optimise the farm’s environment. They can also be operated remotely and programmed with parameters, ensuring seamless functionality even offline

Innovations Under Development

Developing innovative technologies to optimize farming practices, enhance plant health, increase crop yields, and maximize resource efficiency.

Efficient Crop Disease Detection
Accurate Leaf Area Assessment
Precision Nutrient Control

Witness the Symbiosis of Farming and Automation